Currently reading: The Hunter by Tana French 📚

I forgot how much I enjoy her books. This one is off to a good start.

Did not finish: The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan 📚

Ran out of steam for the series. I may pick it up again in the future.

I’ve been wanting to try Dungeon Crawl Classics since I saw @heyloura talking about it. This bundle really does include “all the things” so to speak.

Help Feed Hungry Children with the DCC + MCC Megabundle!|Goodman Games

What’s the The DCC and MCC Megabundle 2? It’s an absolutely massive value — including a ton of DCC and MCC items that have never been available in a Bundle before! Opting for the entire 80 item bundle will yield not only dozens of amazing DCC and MCC PDF modules, supplements, player aids — even core rulebooks — but also a physical copy of the MCC RPG Softcover Rulebook!

Finished reading: The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan 📚

The series keeps rolling and i continue to love it. However, this is the last one narrated by Rosamund Pike. I’ve sampled book four and I can’t bring myself to start it. The audio quality between the two hurts my ears. I’ll get to it eventually.

The Halo TV show making the humans the villains completely misses the point

It’s become increasingly clear that the Halo TV show has a villain problem. This may seem impossible for a series that’s supposed to be about a hostile race of aliens led by liars who exploit religious fanaticism, but instead the show can’t stop focusing on human bickering, bizarrely relegating the galaxy-conquering aliens to an afterthought for both the characters in the show and the audience.

The enshittification of one of my favorite stories continues. I tried to watch a recent episode with my 14 year old and when she saw the chief without armor and without Cortana she yelled “this is bullshit!” and left. It took her all of 15 seconds just watching the recap of the previous episode to realize it wasn’t worth her time. She is wiser than I. I held out hope, but no more.

The show completely misses the heart and soul of the stories and its characters. There is no wonder, no exploration, no grandeur, no humility or fear in the face of human extinction. They aren’t even on a halo. The chief isn’t in armor. Cortana and the chief are separated. They didn’t just miss the deeper lore and themes, they can’t even get the fundamentals right.

It is a damn shame because the cast is great and the FX are good enough to sometimes great. In an alternate universe Ronald D. Moore is the showrunner. Halo is closer in spirit to his re-imagined Battlestar Galactica and For All Mankind.

The Halo show continues to go from bad to worse. The show runners and producers don’t get the heart of the game’s story. It has devolved into a stupid human vs human drama instead of hope in the face of overwhelming odds.

Ron was right about so many things.

Poorly lit picture frame with quote from fictional character Ron Swanson. It reads “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.”

Ok, Shōgun, I see you. Episodes 1 & 2 are a damn good start to this series.

Currently reading: The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan 📚

Caught up in the wheel again and still enjoying it. I’m glad I took break though.

Finished reading: The One Minute Manager Anniversary Ed by Ken Blanchard 📚

Short, actionable intro to management, especially if you have zero background and suddenly find yourself in charge of other people.

Currently reading: Heal to Lead by Kelly Campbell 📚

This may be the most important leadership book I’ve read. I have a reviewer copy, it releases 4/2024. I’ll do a proper review, but if like me you have C-PTSD or a trauma background & are in leadership/management just preorder it now

Finished reading: What My Bones Know by Stephanie Foo 📚

Powerful, heartbreaking, and healing. If you have C-PTSD like I do I highly recommend it but proceed with caution. I found it deeply challenging and had to go slow.

Currently reading: What My Bones Know by Stephanie Foo 📚

One of the most personally challenging and rewarding books I’ve encountered. I’m having to take it really slow.

Zeldman’s I am a creative hit a nerve with this nugget. The whole essay is worth your time. I definitely fall into the “I am a creative, not an artist” category.

I am a creative. Not an artist. Though I dreamed, as a lad, of someday being that. Some of us belittle our gifts and dislike ourselves because we are not Michelangelos and Warhols. That is narcissism—but at least we aren’t in politics.

Scavengers Reign is a stellar SF/survival show. The 13.5 year old & I watched 15m to see if it was good & binge watched all 12 episodes! Some gory moments, challenging adult-life themes, a bit of nudity so as always use your own judgement.…

Finished reading: Revival by Stephen King 📚

Pretty fun until the very end. The final felt like King had a bunch of unused ideas of how people might die in various ways and has the characters just tell them to each other because… context I guess.

Currently reading: Revival by Stephen King 📚

The “terrible sermon” gets things off to a great start! I have no idea where this is going plot wise but I’m in already.

Finished reading: The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan 📚

Loved it! I think I’m mostly caught up with the story in terms of what the seasons 1 & 2 of the show. The show must pull a few plot points forward quite a bit though, especially with the forsaken.

Finished reading: The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel by Douglas Brunt 📚

Loved it. This isn’t my usual genre but it was mentioned at Penny Arcade so I got curious and checked it out.

Finished reading: The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan 📚

Rosamund Pike’s narration skills are so good they are ruining other audiobooks for me. Also, the book is pretty great. I’m glad I watched the show first. It helped me piece things together even though some things are very different.