Laura and I had a such a fun evening playing Rhino Hero and Menara with our friends Merv and Lauren. We had a blast trying to build things together!

Laura looking at the roof she must build next for Rhino Hero, a stacking game. She is playing in a dining room. The stack is high and sobblomg already. Laura successfully adding a structure card to a high, wobbly Rhino Hero tower! Lauren delicately places a structure card to the Rhino Hero tower. The card tower is so high it is about to hit the hanging lamp. Merv attempting to add a structure card to Rhino tower so high its level with the hanging lamp above the table. Merv adds a yellow pillar to our Menara game board tower. Our Menara game tower. It is made of colorful, curvy cardboard pieces. Colorful pillars are stacked on the cardboard to build floors until the tower collapes or we win (it is a coop game). Merv careful places the final floor cardboard piece on the Menara tower. We won!