So much has happened this year that it is hard to recap it all in writing. We may try do that in a podcast, but I need to write about what’s happening without it being a burden. With that in mind I need two things.

First, I need a good starting point or a place to “begin again.” I started my Executive MBA course today, so this feels like a day to start.

Second, I need a format that allows me to communicate easily without overthinking (a real challenge a threat to my mental health). For that, I’m going to use a simple “Changelog” format. It is, in essence, a list. Some less pretentious people may even call it a journal or, gasp, a diary. Here is today’s Changelog entry.

  • Started my Executive MBA class at Quantic.
  • Got my butt kicked by Accounting II. I had to retake the “Smart case” quiz 4 times.
  • Learned that the evening is not going to be the best time to do this type of learning. Maybe it should be “learn new stuff in the morning, review past materials in the evening.” For example, I need to retake Accounting I. I took that almost 3 months ago and it is a bit fuzzy.
  • Received the written offer to co-found a new company. It looks solid but I need to review in the morning when I am more awake.
  • Laura & I talked with what will hopefully be our new business partners (not the same as above). Yes, I’m actively starting two companies. They are dramatically different.
  • Walked Skye.
  • Saw the “puppy” x-rays. One of those skeletons will be our new Neo Daniff (50% Great Dane, 25% Neapolitan Mastiff, 25% English Mastiff).

Yeah, this was a good day to begin again. I make no promises to do this daily. We’ll see how it evolves.