Amazing Marvin, Leslie's favorite productivity app

Amazing Marvin, my favorite productivity app, is free for one year right now via AppSumo.

Here are 10 things to know about Amazing Marvin before you give it a try!

  1. AM is an indie app made by Christina and Mark (married co-founders). I love their founder’s story.
  2. AM takes mental health issues seriously in a delightful, playful, and effective way. The app isn’t overt or preachy about this. But you can see this thoughtfulness in action both in the app, how the founder’s relate to users, and the good vibes in the community.
  3. Christina knows her stuff, shares it freely, and is very response (they both are). They way she talks about procrastination and other challenges is refreshing and honest.
  4. Marvin is a deep app. It presents as a pretty straight forward “todo list” but its depth and beauty are in the vast array of strategies you can implement to get things done.
  5. Marvin’s Strategies are its open secret that make it work for me. Creating a list is easy. Getting it done is difficult. If you have problems focusing, you can change your strategy on a regular basis will keeping your list the same. This is critical because usually changing a strategy requires changing the app. Not so with Marvin where you can keep your same list and take a radically different approach to getting the work done whenever you need to.
  6. Take the time to watch the tutorial videos. If you really want a deep dive, check out the Marvin Intro Webinar Christina & Mark hosted recently. It is thorough.
  7. Almost all the major features are “off” when you start. This is on purpose. Marvin can grow with you. The idea is to start simple and built up your unique workflow solution as you go.
  8. Every major release has a video walkthrough built right into the app. I wish every single app did something like this. It is so helpful and thoughtful.
  9. The mobile apps need some love. They know it. They are working on it. I trust they will get it done. For a small, indie company what they’ve accomplished already is stellar.
  10. Join in one of the Marvin communities (Reddit, FB, etc…). The founders are in all of them and on the whole the community is really helpful.

I hope Amazing Marvin helps you as much it has helped me!